Architecture is an interplay between shape, color and material in light!

Main focus of design: passive solar homes ,
low energy homes and solar homes

Arch. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Josef Kiraly  is a freelance architect and graduate in civil engineering with an office located in Sistrans near Innsbruck, Tyrol.He retired in 2015.

The main focus of his planning was sustainable designing and construction using ecological approaches for saving energy ressources. Ecology is neither religion nor philosophy, it is simply natural science and is an essential factor in housing construction.

A house is called a passive solar home if its design’s intention is to use solar energy reducing heat consumption – it is „the main target of its design“.

Josef  Kiraly
Sonnenhaus Passivhaus
Wintergarten im Passivhaus
Passivhaus Wohnen im Passivhaus Passivhaus Suedseite
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